Your Guide to Choosing a Sonoma County Estate Attorney

  Estate planning serves a vital role in providing for your loved ones. That’s why you need to make sure to execute your estate plan flawlessly. When you work with the right Sonoma County estate attorney, crafting the right custom estate plan for your needs becomes simple. But how do you choose the best Sonoma County estate lawyer? Ultimately, choosing a lawyer remains an incredibly personal process. You need to choose someone who makes you feel comfortable and that you can trust. Still, there are four key questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a Sonoma County estate attorney to ensure that you find the right fit.   Does this attorney have the right education and local Sonoma County [...]

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Why Estate Plans Matters To Everyone

  Your estate plans matter and when it comes to planning your estate, it's essential to know what needs to be done to protect you and your family. The rich start estate planning early. They know how important it is to have an effective plan for passing on their wealth to their loved ones. What many people don’t realize, however, is that estate planning is still important for the average American family. Estate planning isn’t simply a legal tool for the wealthy, it is legal protection that you need  to ensure that your family is taken care of after you are no longer with them. The following are four key reasons that estate plans matter to everyone.   You do [...]

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10 Keys To Proper Estate Planning

  Estate planning isn’t always easy. There are many considerations, no matter how much money you have or how old you may be. That’s why we believe the best way to succeed at estate planning is to start with the basics. These ten keys to proper estate planning may not be all your ideal estate plan needs to best protect your loved ones in case anything ever happens to you, but they will give you the basics to get you started right.   Catalogue your assets. It’s impossible to plan for all your vital assets unless you know what those assets are. By listing all assets, even those you may not believe are important, you can ensure an easier probate [...]

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How to Get Ahead of Your Estate Planning

Estate planning seems like an insurmountable challenge when you are not sure how to get started. That’s why it should come as no surprise that about 70% of Americans have no will and have done no estate planning. Unfortunately, leaving estate planning until later can have serious consequences. A lack of proper estate planning leaves chaos behind for your loved ones after you pass on. Not only will you have no say in how your possessions are passed on, but you’ll also have no way to help them minimize the burden of a lengthy probate made worse due to a lack of a trust. Luckily, you can avoid these problems and get ahead of your estate planning today with just [...]

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How Can A Reliable Estate Planning Attorney Help My Family

  Most adults know that a will is important in order to pass on assets to loved ones after you pass away. Unfortunately, few of these same adults know where to get started. That’s where a reliable estate planning attorney comes in. An estate planning lawyer can help you get organized and prepare to leave your loved ones taken care of after you pass away. When you partner with a trusted estate lawyer, your family will be supported during the difficult transition after losing a loved one. An estate planning attorney can help you:   Develop a strategy to reduce taxes owed on your estate: You want your family to benefit from your savings and property, not the IRS. With [...]

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What Is Estate Planning?

When we pass away, we want to know that our loved ones will be taken care of. The best way to do this is to plan for all the financial and legal issues that your friends and family may have to deal with after your death. While most people assume that a will alone is all that is needed for clear transfer of property and a minimization of costly legal entanglements after your death, the reality is that this is only really possible through careful estate planning. Simply put, estate planning is the process by which you take care of all the tasks necessary to manage your assets if you are alive but disabled and also after your death. A [...]

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