“Michael Larsen was referred to us through a coworker. We needed someone who was knowledgeable with international law. He took the time to listen to our concerns and what we wanted addressed in establishing our trust. We appreciate his expertise and recommend him for your estate planning needs.”
- A Sonoma County Couple
“Michael was extremely helpful as I negotiated the complexities of my father’s trust and real estate holdings. He was conscientious, knowledgeable, and professional in every aspect of our relationship. I live out of state and so was so relieved to have Michael representing me in California. He was a fantastic resource and I recommend him highly.”
- Patrick Moser
“When it was time for us to set up a Trust, Michael guided us through the process with patience, clarity and expertise that helped to de-mystify each step along the way. He explained the advantages and disadvantages of one decision over another so that we could identify, and then feel completely comfortable with, the choices we made in defining our wishes and setting up the distribution of our assets. His professionalism, attention to detail and his ability to show understanding and empathy throughout the process are quite exceptional. He was the perfect choice for us.”
- J.Peterson and J.Hawley
“Before I found Attorney Michael Larsen to represent me with my mother’s Living Trust, I had spent a considerable amount of money on another attorney who was not able to produce any results or move the matter toward a settlement. I found it difficult to even sleep at night as a result of the stress caused by the opposing attorney and opposing party (my sister). Michael Larsen took over the case and was able to settle the matter in an equitable fashion without exposing me to other civil actions as a result of my unfamiliarity with trusts. I highly recommend Michael Larsen for any civil litigation in which he is qualified to handle.”
- Giulio F. Simms
“Michael patiently steered us through the process of revising our estate trust, and drafting a special needs trust for one of our children. We were reassured by his competent legal expertise and grateful for his attentive guidance.”
- A Married Couple in Santa Rosa
“Je suis résidente de la Californie, et j’ai dû faire face à un problème en France. J’ai fait appel à Maitre Larsen, et ce dernier avec son expertise m’a aidé à résoudre le problème d’une manière satisfaisante. Aussi je ne’ hésiterais pas à faire appel à lui dans le futur, si j’ai besoin d’une assistance ou d’un avis concernant un problème juridique. Aussi je recommande l’étude de Maitre Larsen.”

(I am a resident in California, and I had to deal with a legal problem in France. I hired Attorney Michael Larsen, who was able to help me resolve the problem in a satisfactory manner. I would not hesitate to retain Michael Larsen in the future, if I need legal advice or counsel. I recommend the Law Offices of Michael Larsen.)

- Annie H.
“Michael drafted an estate plan for our family at a cost effective price. He was efficient and knowledgeable. He clearly and simply explained the legal terms, options and requirements to us. We highly recommend Michael for your estate planning needs.”
- Married Couple in Santa Rosa
“We recently hired Michael Larsen, Attorney at Law, to assist us with our estate planning since we were unfamiliar with the process of establishing a trust and will. Some of the legal terminology and principles were not readily comprehensible, and some items were not germane to our situation. Professional, patient, and perspicuous throughout the entire process, Michael explained phrasings, concepts, and the ramifications of our choices. He succinctly answered our numerous questions throughout. In the end we were extremely pleased and recommend Mr. Larsen without reservation.”
- Ron and Monika, Santa Rosa
“Michael helped me with my relative’s estate and trust in the San Francisco Bay Area. I don’t live in California, but Michael was able to answer all my questions and represent me effectively.”
- Terry Dunnigan
“Michael Larsen has been the Executive Director of the Association of Winery Suppliers since June 2004 and has provided leadership and guidance through delicate matters. Michael was chosen for this position because of his knowledge of the wine region, and the legal issues facing our association; and he is recognized as a leading lawyer in the region. It was under my “watch” that we hired Michael, and I am assured the same decision would be made again today. Michael’s counsel has been reliable, respected by everyone, and has kept us free of problems.”
- Duane Wall
“Michael helped me purchase some real estate in San Francisco while I was in the middle of a business trip overseas. Working around my hectic schedule, he carefully and methodically reviewed the documentation and patiently answered all my questions in detail. He identified several issues in the transaction that were the most important to negotiate and I was able to close on time at satisfactory terms.”
- Anthony Torza, San Francisco