5 Key Sonoma County Real Estate Laws Both Buyers and Sellers Must Know Before Completing a Transaction

With the current real estate boom in Sonoma County, it’s no surprise that real estate transactions are being scrutinized more than ever before. With property values skyrocketing and concerns of abuse, the government has enforced Bay Area real estate laws particularly strictly. Even a small oversight can lead to costly mistakes for anyone involved in a real estate transaction. Whether you are buying or selling property, you must fully understand the Sonoma County real estate laws that will apply to your transaction. The following are five key Sonoma County real estate laws to keep in mind.   There is no such thing as a “standard” Sonoma County real estate contract. All real estate contracts in Sonoma County are different. While [...]

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Your Guide to Choosing a Sonoma County Estate Attorney

  Estate planning serves a vital role in providing for your loved ones. That’s why you need to make sure to execute your estate plan flawlessly. When you work with the right Sonoma County estate attorney, crafting the right custom estate plan for your needs becomes simple. But how do you choose the best Sonoma County estate lawyer? Ultimately, choosing a lawyer remains an incredibly personal process. You need to choose someone who makes you feel comfortable and that you can trust. Still, there are four key questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a Sonoma County estate attorney to ensure that you find the right fit.   Does this attorney have the right education and local Sonoma County [...]

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