How to Work with Mortgage Broker

When you’re shopping for a mortgage, you can go directly to multiple lenders to find out what rate you may be offered, or you can work with a mortgage broker. Because they act as concierges who find you a number of quotes at once and do the application paperwork for you, mortgage brokers can help secure you an affordable loan at a competitive rate. Still, working with a mortgage broker has its advantages and disadvantages, so you should know how the process works before you commit to using a mortgage broker. The following are four things you should keep in mind to understand how to work with mortgage brokers. 1. Find a broker you can trust. Ask for referrals and [...]

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Why Is Title Insurance Important?

When you purchase real estate, you will almost always be expected to secure title insurance in order to obtain a mortgage. Banks require title insurance to protect their investment, and you should do the same. Title insurance protects you against undiscovered or undisclosed defects in the title not found before a purchase of real estate is finalized. Essentially, title insurers do a thorough background search on the property and its title to see if there are any liens, conflicting claims to ownership, or other problems that would impact a transfer of property to you. Once the insurance is issued, any problems with the title are revealed. Title insurance protects you against any conflicting title claims and any financial losses related [...]

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5 Key Sonoma County Real Estate Laws Both Buyers and Sellers Must Know Before Completing a Transaction

With the current real estate boom in Sonoma County, it’s no surprise that real estate transactions are being scrutinized more than ever before. With property values skyrocketing and concerns of abuse, the government has enforced Bay Area real estate laws particularly strictly. Even a small oversight can lead to costly mistakes for anyone involved in a real estate transaction. Whether you are buying or selling property, you must fully understand the Sonoma County real estate laws that will apply to your transaction. The following are five key Sonoma County real estate laws to keep in mind.   There is no such thing as a “standard” Sonoma County real estate contract. All real estate contracts in Sonoma County are different. While [...]

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Selling California Property through Probate

When real estate and other valuable property are left to loved ones, it often is not just given to a single named beneficiary. Many parents leave a home or other property to all children to be divided equally. During probate, the executor of an estate commonly will sell this property and divide the profits among beneficiaries. Selling California property through probate is a bit different than selling a home you own outright, which you must keep in mind when listing and negotiating a sale. The process of selling California property through probate is a bit more complicated than selling property under any other circumstances. Any property under probate must first be appraised by the probate referee. This value generally establishes [...]

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7 Reasons Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney

Every year, millions of real estate transactions take place. Many people assume that these contracts are fairly standard and that they don’t require the expertise of a real estate attorney, but unfortunately, this often leads to unexpected legal problems. If you are planning on buying or selling property, you need to hire a real estate lawyer to protect your interests and ensure that your deal has the outcome you expect. The following are seven reasons you need a real estate attorney— even when you may think you don’t. 1. Real estate contracts are not as standardized as you may think. Far too many people assume that real estate contracts are standard instruments that cannot be changed and that they already [...]

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5 California Property And Real Estate Laws Everyone Should Know

  If you own real estate property in California (or you are in the process of acquiring property), many laws will dictate your rights and responsibilities as a landowner. We suggest you get familiar with California's real estate laws and how they affect you as an owner. Whether you own only your personal residence or a  number of properties as a landlord, you must know the California property and real estate laws that dictate your actions when buying, selling, renting, or owning such land. While there's certainly an importance to know all of them, we do highly recommend you learn the real estate laws we have featured below. The following are five key California property and real estate laws everyone [...]

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