Every year, millions of real estate transactions take place. Many people assume that these contracts are fairly standard and that they don’t require the expertise of a real estate attorney, but unfortunately, this often leads to unexpected legal problems. If you are planning on buying or selling property, you need to hire a real estate lawyer to protect your interests and ensure that your deal has the outcome you expect.

The following are seven reasons you need a real estate attorney— even when you may think you don’t.

1. Real estate contracts are not as standardized as you may think. Far too many people assume that real estate contracts are standard instruments that cannot be changed and that they already know what to expect when looking at a contract. This isn’t true. Most legal instruments related to real estate can be negotiated and changed just like most other contracts— and without an attorney, you may not fully understand how these changes may affect you.
2. A real estate attorney can ensure that no small details fall through the cracks. A lot of nitty, gritty details must be addressed during a real estate transaction. Disclosures must be made properly, titles must be cleared, and many specific local laws must be complied with carefully. Failure to address all these details could lead to a lawsuit. A property attorney can ensure that everything is taken care of, so you don’t have to worry.
3. Without a real estate lawyer, it’s easy to miss hidden clauses that can have a huge, negative impact in the long run. When you are buying or leasing property, especially from a more experienced party, you may miss clauses that are skewed to benefit the other person and that will hurt you in the long run. A lawyer can find these clauses quickly and advise you on your options or even negotiate to have them removed. There will be no costly surprises after signing.
4. Real estate transactions almost always require a large number of filings, which your real estate lawyer can take care of quickly and efficiently. Until you begin the process, you may not realize just how many filings the average real estate transaction requires. A real estate lawyer will be able to successfully navigate the system in a much shorter time than it would take someone unfamiliar with local and state procedures. In California, your transaction will not be valid until every filing is done correctly. Your attorney can make this happen fast.
5. A real estate attorney knows how to properly address any property liens. Liens on a property are one of the most common problems that cause a real estate transactions to fail. A real estate attorney knows how to remove those claims and secure proof of clean title in an efficient fashion, so the deal doesn’t fall through.
6. Real estate is almost always a large investment, and you can’t afford unexpected mistakes to negatively affect your finances. People often worry about the expense of a real estate lawyer, but they fail to recognize the cost of not securing legal assistance. Real estate often requires a huge investment, so any legal mistakes can have devastating financial consequences. It is always better to pay for prevention than to find a costly mistake and be forced to pay much more to fix it.
7. Your lawyer will work tirelessly to ensure that every transaction is to your benefit. An attorney has a duty to always look out for your best interests. They will never stop advocating for your needs and working to eliminate legal problems. While you may be able to get a good real estate deal on your own, it’s better to have an experienced professional in your corner working to make you a success. There’s a reason all professional real estate companies have a team of lawyers. A real estate attorney helps you succeed.


Whether you are buying, selling, renting, building, or otherwise involved in the real estate business, a real estate attorney can help protect your best interests and ensure that the transaction goes smoothly. It’s important to find a real estate lawyer you trust today. At Larsen Law, we are proud to always put our real estate clients first. Come see us today to find out if we may able to help your real estate transaction succeed.