Selling California Property through Probate

When real estate and other valuable property are left to loved ones, it often is not just given to a single named beneficiary. Many parents leave a home or other property to all children to be divided equally. During probate, the executor of an estate commonly will sell this property and divide the profits among beneficiaries. Selling California property through probate is a bit different than selling a home you own outright, which you must keep in mind when listing and negotiating a sale. The process of selling California property through probate is a bit more complicated than selling property under any other circumstances. Any property under probate must first be appraised by the probate referee. This value generally establishes [...]

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Your Basic California Probate Checklist

After someone you love has passed away, it is a stressful time. Dealing with your grief and settling their affairs take time and effort, and drains you emotionally. If you are named as an executor, this stress increases exponentially, especially since many executors have no experience with the legal system or the probate courts. Knowing the key probate steps that you need to take can help you settle your loved one’s estate more simply and quickly. The following California probate checklist can help you determine the basic steps you need to take in order, whether on your own or with the help of an experienced California probate lawyer.  Of course, this California probate checklist is by no means comprehensive. Every [...]

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What You Need To Know About The California Probate Code

  When someone in California passes away with no estate plan or with an estate plan based on a will, their possessions must be processed through probate courts before those people named in the will (or the people named in the Probate Code, if there is no will) take ownership of the property left. This process can be confusing for many people, and not understanding how probate court works can result in problems that may lead to an unexpected outcome for your loved ones. There are five basic things you should know about the California Probate Code before you finish estate planning. California Probate Code Probate usually takes four months to a year in California. Probate isn’t necessarily a short [...]

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