Welcome to my blog site. You have found a rather unusual law practice that can solve your family, business and international legal needs – all under one roof. And you’re not going to be shuffled off to some attorney in a large office. When you call, you will deal with Michael Larsen himself. Whether wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney or any business-related legal issues, I am totally committed to your peace of mind.

My clients typically reside in California, are small business owners, families with assets, or both. Some of them have family or property in foreign countries. I enjoy the challenges of cross-border issues that arise through inheritance and property ownership in other countries, such as Canada, France, Germany and Mexico. My extensive knowledge of California and U.S. tax law helps my clients sort through issues that arise when legal systems collide. Visit my About Me page and discover how my unique background qualifies me to assist you.

Give me a call to discuss your unique needs. The call and initial phone consultation are free — 707-578.2310 or 415.483.5938.  Also feel free to visit my website at www.larsenlaw.net.