Should you include in your power of attorney the power to amend your trust

I have been thinking lately about when to include in a durable power of attorney the power to amend a trust.   The power of attorney works when you are unable to make your own decisions, perhaps because of an accident or perhaps because of age-related illness.  You can sign a power of attorney  now but may not need it, if ever, until many years into the future. Let's say you sign a trust and a power of attorney this year with your spouse.  Years from now, you are incapacitated.  Your spouse starts handling your affairs by using the power of attorney.  But should your spouse be able to amend the trust that you signed years before?  That trust should state who [...]

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Labor Day Weekend

Things are calm in Santa Rosa this weekend, although I haven't ventured out to look at what's happening on Highway 101.  My wife and I have noticed that there is often a long line of cars coming into Sonoma County on Saturdays.

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