If you live in California but have property in another country or are the citizen of another country, you may want to look at the rules on “international wills” in sections 6380 through 6390 of the Probate Code. If you follow the formalities set forth in these sections, the will you sign in California should be recognized as valid in another country. These sections authorize an attorney licensed to practice law in California to supervise the signing of the will and to attach a certificate confirming that certain requirements have been met.

To be sure that your wishes are carried out as set forth in your will,  you may have to do more  than simply follow  the rules in the California  Probate Code on international wills .  Even if the will is recognized as valid in another country,  the other country may have  regulations that overrule  some of the dispositions  in your  will.  I generally recommend that you consult with  a legal professional in the other country  before finalizing  your will or other  testamentary documents.